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What makes Millboard unique?

Millboard composite cladding is 100% wood-free, so it doesn't need capping to protect it from the elements. Using a unique fiber-glass reinforced resin-mineral composition, Millboard achieves the finest quality of finish, balanced with usability and maximum durability.

This gives Millboard composite cladding many of the unique benefits our decking products have, allowing it to outperform even nature itself, with no other cladding solution being anything like Millboard - composite or otherwise. Read on to explore our two composite cladding ranges, Board & Batten and Shadow Line.

The Board & Batten Range

The Board & Batten profile creates a truly unique balance for both contemporary and traditional designs. With a tongue and groove profile that only requires fixings through the tongue, ensuring the fixing is hidden.

Envello Board & Batten composite cladding is moulded from four individual pieces of timber with different widths and grain patterns. 1.72 boards per m².


The Shadow Line Range

The Millboard Envello Shadow Line composite cladding board gives a clean authentic timber look. The increased width of the Shadow Line board compared to standard timber boards means there is larger grain detail. This gives an enhanced visual impact, without risk of the board twisting or warping over time.

Envello Shadow Line composite cladding boards have been designed to perfectly replicate smooth timber with a flat grained finish. 1.53 boards per m².


Fix through the board with lost-head fixings

Like with our decking, our Durafix® fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane® surface on our composite cladding boards, allowing you to obtain a near flawless finish in your projects that wouldn't be possible with other materials. This allows increased versatility when fitting your cladding, without compromising on finish.


Please be aware that our Envello ranges are not currently fire rated

Millboard Envello cladding boards are crafted with fire retardants in the board composition, however, they are not fire rated and carry no ‘reaction to fire’ certificate. The responsibility for the  cladding’s suitability in the required location is to be determined by a certified building professional (building control, building insurance, fire officer, etc). Millboard will not be held responsible for incorrect specification, application, or product installation in areas not in accordance with government guidance, in the UK or abroad. Current guidance should be gained from the government website relating to the geographical project location.

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